Cross-disciplinary projects in machine learning, computational linguistics, and programming

Shakespeare Generator

A LSTM (Long Shot-term memory) machine learning algorithm that constructs original Shakespearean plays and sonnets from a corpus of Shakespeare's works.

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College Essay Checker

The college application process is filled with uncertainty, but one thing is for sure. If your beautiful, thought-provoking essay praises the wrong school, your application isn't going anywhere near the priority folder. Check your essays!

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Vocab Generator

Using a list of 6,000 high-level vocab words and the News API, the vocab generator finds sentences that use these words in recent news stories.

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Uniswap Arbitrage Bot

[WIP] The Cornell Blockchain Club's arbitrage bot uses a sandwich attack on the decentralized exchange Uniswap.

Artful IQ

Programs and websites designed to showcase useful and entertaining implementations of custom coding.

Ethan Goldman

I am from South Orange, New Jersey and I am currently studying Computer Science and Linguistics at Cornell University. I’ve always been fascinated by the interdisciplinary nature of technology and my goal is to find ways to connect technology with other fields to affect positive change.

Outside of academics, I’m an Arts and Sciences Ambassador and Peer Advisor, a member of the Cornell Blockchain club, and an avid rock climber.